Children are saying:

"My dad has stopped drinking beer."
"My dad is now buying us food."
"My dad no longer beats my mom."
"I don't have to hide in the bushes when my dad comes home."

Women everywhere are saying:

"There is now peace in our home."
"My husband now chats with me."
"We are SO happy together."
"Thank you so much for saving our marriage and our family."

Men tell us:

"We didn't know we were the cause of our family's poverty. We are sorry for treating our wives so badly."
Then they proudly add:
"We are buying farm tools and fertilizer and blankets."

Chiefs are seeing their villages transformed:

"Our village is building a school."
"Our village has built a dam for our cattle to drink from."
"Our village has totally changed since your coming. We were living in a world of fear, but now we can choose to live God's way."
"I am very happy to see the borehole working again. My people had been walking 2 km to only fetch bad water. Now we are free from water borne diseases."

Pastors and Church Leaders are excited:

"More and more people are coming to church now."
"People can now read God's word for themselves."
"Thank you for the Bibles and the Bible lessons. We can now teach the truth."